Pressured with the lack of productivity? Overwhelmed with shrinking budgets? Burdened with increasing work and decreasing time? Fas-Trak Industries is proud to announce the Ultra-Trak, the 5-in-1 revolutionary application system! The Ultra-Trak is the most productive, pressurized floor finishing/sealing applicator on the market today.

We had the user in mind when state-of-the-art technology and common sense engineering were combined to produce the most time efficient 5-In-1 applicator ever. This superior labor saving applicator is designed for all areas where professional quality finish and seal are required.

Our proprietary patented technology is industry proven and addresses the main challenges related to floor care issues today namely - labor savings as well as providing superior results. The Ultra-Trak can be used on tile, terrazzo, concrete, gym floors and all hard floor surfaces.

Specs and Features

  • Apply solvent-based gym or concrete coatings at 20,000 sq/ft hour
  • Apply Mop-on restorers at 30,000 sq/ft hour to improve your floor-care program
  • Clean large areas with our Fas-Mop technique (clean 30,000 sq/ft hour)
  • Apply floor finishes or sealers at 25,000 sq/ft hour (10x faster than conventional application methods)
  • Carpeteater 28" Pad-holder attachment applies carpet chemicals at 25,000 sq/ft hour
  • Environmentally responsible: Cut product waste by up to 20%
  • Fully automatic & pressurized: Cleans in one minute
  • Fully adjustable application feature
  • Built-in charger with a battery run time of 5 - 7 hours
  • 3 head sizes available: 28", 36" or 48"
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Made in USA!

Ideal Markets

  • Schools
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Building Services
  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes
  • Airports
  • Convention Centers
  • Auditoriums
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Facilities

Parts and Sizes

FT-5017, Ultra-Trak 5-in-1 Pressurized Application System (+Micro-Trak and Cleanout Tray)

FT-2817, 28in Head Assembly

FT-3617, 36in Head Assembly

FT-4817, 48in Head Assembly

CFT-5017-28, Ultra-Trak Concrete Edition, 28in Application System (Micro-Trak not included)

CFT-5017-36, Ultra-Trak Concrete Edition, 36in Application System (Micro-Trak not included)

CFT-5017-48, Ultra-Trak Concrete Edition, 48in Application System (Micro-Trak not included)

FAQ - Ultra-Trak 5-IN-1 Application System

Q:  What kind of finish/sealer can you apply with the Ultra-Trak?
A:  Most any water-based or solvent based floor coatings on the market  including:  floor finishes, concrete seals,water-based urethane coatings, gym coatings and even floor restoration products, as well as solvent based coatings such as urethane concrete, solvent wood coatings, MCU curing compounds – color or clear and epoxy can be applied.

Q:  How does the Ultra-Trak work?  Is it battery powered?
A:  It is battery operated and runs for 4-7 hours per charge.

Q.  Can a mop on type restorer be applied to flooring areas?  Why?
A.  Yes. The correct preventative maintenance procedures can extend a floor life cycle by an average of 35%. The regular use of a restorer, followed with a burnishing, will fortify the film and provide: an improved appearance, ensure environmental stewardship, and save the facility money. This process will extend the floor life appearance and save on the associated cost of stripping and refinishing the floor. Our largest client uses this procedure weekly and has established proven savings with this methodology.

Q:  Can the Ultra-Trak be adjusted for various thicknesses of coats?
A:  Yes! The Ultra-Trak has adjustable settings, which insures precision coatings based on your application needs. The adjustment feature also allows you to  apply all types of floor care chemicals and topical treatments.

Q:  Why are there 3 different (28", 36” and 48") interchangeable head assemblies?
A:  We offer 3 separate interchangeable head assemblies in an effort to maximize productivity in all types of areas and facilities such as: classrooms, offices, hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, common areas, and all types of hard surfaces.

28” head assembly specifically designed for class rooms and offices
36” head assembly specifically designed for large hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias & common areas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           48” head assembly specifically designed for very large open areas

Many of our clients purchase the Ultra-Trak system and utilize 2 head assemblies, the 28” and the 36” sizes. Our time study indicates a 22% increase in overall floor finish labor savings when utilizing the 2 head assemblies verses using one.

Q:  Do I have to transfer my specific floor care chemical into an empty pail?
A:  No! Simply put your 5 gallon pail or BIB box directly on the Ultra-Trak and remove the cap or spigot. Insert our suction hose directly into the container! No transfer, zero waste, no cross contamination of chemical. When finished simply remove the suction hose and recap any unused portion for future use.

Q:  How hard is it to clean up?
A:  It’s easy!  A complete clean up can be done in 2 minutes or less!  It’s as easy as the flip of a switch with the cleaning tray in place flushing the entire system in one step!

Q:  How do I learn to use the Ultra-Trak?
A:  Each Ultra-Trak purchase comes with laminated instruction cards on the unit for immediate referencing as to how to use and clean your applicator. Or, you can call our toll-free number (1-800-840-3162) for any technical assistance you may need.  The training video is also available on our website at

Q:  How much will I save in labor costs using the Ultra-Trak applicator?
A:  Because it can achieve a productivity rate of up to 25,000 square feet per hour, using the Ultra-Trak is over 10 times as fast as the conventional mop-on method.  An Ultra-Trak can return approximately $700.00 for every 100,000 square feet of floors finished. Your return investment can be as fast as 1-week!

Q:  Will any product work through the Ultra-Trak?
A:  Yes.  Most any water-based floor seal will work fine.  Solvent-based coating will also work with our system.  Use the recommended cleaning solvent to clean the unit after you finish and dispose of waste according to your state and local regulations when using the Ultra-Trak for solvent based coatings.

Q:  Can the Ultra-Trak be used for cleaning floors?
A:  Yes!  The Fas-Mop process is a cost saving, high speed, result oriented method of mopping lightly soiled hard floor surfaces.  It also utilizes pad rotation and feeds clean solution to our specialty cleaning pads.  Our process is 6 times faster and easier than a  mop bucket.  It can also combine dust mop and damp mop in one procedure, which saves additional time and money.  There is also a reduction of chemical and water usages by more than 80 percent! The Fas-Mop cleaning pads are reusable, lint free, and absorb 7 times their weight in liquid.  These pads are able to be laundered and can be used over 300 times.

Q:  Explain how you would utilize the Fas-Mop feature for a large area like a gymnasium?
A:  1.) You would first dilute your neutral all purpose cleaner in an empty 5 gallon pail with a lid, and insert on the Ultra-Trak.  2.) You would take a number of clean Fas-Mop pads and pre-dampen them in water.  Just wring out any excess water.  3.) In your work area you would drop a Fas-Mop pad every 10 feet across the width of the area to be cleaned.  You would set the Ultra-Trak Selector to the “Minimum” setting and make several passes. When you reach the next pad on the floor you would stop, retract the head assembly, and place the next clean pad on the head to  continue the process until you finish.  4.) Simply take the dirty pads to the shop sink or washing machine and clean them in hot water for reuse later.  TIP – 1 Fas-Mop cleaning pad cleans 1000 sqft of floor.

Remember: Clean solution and Fas-Mop pad rotation = Ultra Clean Results!

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