Fas-Trak Industries is proud to introduce another patent pending breakthrough innovation performance solution in floor care.

The Stingray is designed specifically for applying floor finishes to small and medium size areas in facilities by the most efficient method available today! Fas-Trak Industries is the industry leader in application technology.

Easily sets up in a minute and applies finish directly from the 5 gallon pail! No transfer - No cleaning - No waste! Weighs only 12lbs. Transport is simple and requires little training.

The Stingray takes the sting out of your challenges to achieve professional results and saves you money and precious natural resources.

Specs and Features

  • Easily apply floor finish and sealers DIRECTLY from 5 gallon pail at 9,000 sq/ft hour! 25% faster and easier than backpack units.
  • Direct Dispense Application Feature: Zero waste - truly "Be Green"
  • Eliminate messy mop and bucket.
  • Ergonomical designed. No cumbersome backpack to wear.
  • Industrial grade - Made in USA for years of service.
  • Lightweight state of art Stinger 16" applicator tool - 70% lighter than traditional finish mops.
  • Stingray: large 5 gal capacity vs. Backpack: 1.5 gal capacity (70% more user capacity using the Stingray)
  • Patent pending worldwide

Ideal Markets

  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes
  • Small/Medium Size Facilities

Parts and Sizes

FTS-1200, Sting-Ray DDA (Direct Dispense Applicator) System (includes Stinger 16" Applicator Tool, Storage Tray and 1 Premium Grade Reusable Finish Pad)

FTS-1015, Premium Stinger Finish Pads (6 per Pack)

Q: How does the Stingray work?

A: Install our specially designed adapter, lay the 5 gallon pail down on the Stingray. Turn the spigot on partially and walk at a controlled pace. Go back to your starting point and spread the finish using the Stinger applicator and continue.

Q: How much of a "bead" do I apply?

A: Based on extensive testing a 4" wide bead will yield 2000 sq/ft per gallon. If you need less adjust your spigot accordingly. There is a short learning curve similar to any basic cleaning technique.

Q: Which 5 gallon floor finishes can be used?

A: Call our office for details.

Q: Why is it better than a backpack?

A: Less fatigue, no chemicals to transfer, 25% faster and less refills.

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