Fas-Spray 2 Gallon Backpack Sprayer XR-Valve & 4-way Tip is created with an exclusive tip design that prevents any leakage of chemicals that often comes with other backpacks when the pump begins to wear.

To prevent any drippings, this sprayer has a tip shut off for drip-free application, a heavy duty hose, and a brass shut off and wand. With the backpack, comes a comfort shoulder strap and a dual position handle.

Consider the features of the Fas-Spray System!

● Tip shut off - Drip Free!

● Dual position handle (L or R)

● Exclusive pump design - No Leak Technology!

● Labor savings 30% compared to conventional sprayers

● Piston pump mechanism - Less effort required

● Rugged construction

● Ergonomic, portable & lightweight designs

It also includes a very efficient pump, requiring fewer pumps and effort to keep a constant spraying pressure. The 4 Way Tip will prevent over application, resulting in saving money instead of wasted chemical. It can spray in a pin stream and a 3 feet fan spray. The huge opening on the top will allow for easy filling and emptying. The cap has a built-in gasket with a strainer basket. Never use flammable liquids, caustics, acids, or hot water in this tank.

FT-FS-100 Fas-Spray System

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