Combines a thick, absorbent double-sided microfiber pad with a heavy-duty angled grout brush that can clean -

  • Ceilings , Walls & Hard to Reach Areas
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Grout Lines
  • Edges, Corners & Stuck-On Messes!

Brush & Mop Kit
Part Number: BM-Kit

Includes: Brush & Mop Pad Holder, 2-Piece Handle, 2-Compartment Caddy, (6) Launderable, Microfiber Highly Absorbent Pads, an empty 64oz dispens-ing bottle, and (1) S&P Quart each of Soil Capture & Soil Release.

Perfect For...
Facility Cleaning: restroom walls & floors, commercial kitchen walls & floors, retail entryways, daycare centers, fitness facilities, and residential cleaning contractors.
Surfaces: Profiled rubber flooring, grouted tile, washable walls, concrete, terrazzo and so much more!

Preparation Instructions
1. Place up to (6) pads at a time in one or both sides of the caddy for charging with water and cleaning solution. Each side of your caddy can comfortably hold 3-4 pads.
2. Fill the provided measuring container with 64oz of water (to treat 6 pads) and add 1oz of Brush & Mop Soil Capture™ for Microfiber. Use just 1/2oz for treating 3-4 pads.
3. Pour over pads to saturate, let set for a minute or two.
4. Remove one pad at a time and apply it to the Brush & Mop head.
5. Lead with the brush in your strokes to break free embedded soil; lead with the pad to “capture” soiled water solution.
6. Flip pad whenever visibly soiled and change when both sides are soiled. Store soiled pads in a mesh laundry bag for later laundering.                                                           7. Hand or machine launder soiled pads in a standard washing machine (by themselves) or separate pail, using 1oz of Brush & Mop Soil Release™ for every gallon of warm-hot water. Allow to air dry or use even while damp.

Fas-Trak’s Brush & Mop detergents come in convenient and portable 32oz Squeeze & Pour bottles. These products are design for use with ALL of Fas-Trak’s microfiber tools.

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